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Free Website Traffic Sources
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In this blog post i will show you 4 of my own free website traffic sources and you can use all of them now to get FREE traffic to your blog or website using some of these traffic methods. I’m getting thousands of visitors to one of my niche websites and I’ve recently repeated this on a brand new website that is growing really fast this traffi.

#1 Quora

Quora is a goldmine for free targeted traffic in any niche. What is Quora and how exactly can you get traffic from it to your website or blog? It’s a community-based question-and-answer platform where people can post questions about any topic and others answer those questions. Google then picks up those community generated pages of questions and answers and includes them in their search results. Google loves Quora and here is exactly why according to ahrefs data Quora is in the top seven hundred websites in the whole world and has huge authority.

Quora ranks 476 million various keyword phrases that’s really good news because it means that you can a slice of their traffic as well to do that you need to get your answer with a link to your website or blog.

Here is a full step-by-step process for exactly how you can get free traffic from Quora to your blogger website:

  • head over to quora.com and register your account, after you register your account you should go into your profile and fill it; fill out your description, fill out your credentials. It is very important to make sure that your answers look credible.
  • enter topics that you personally are interested such as search engine optimization, blogging, YouTube, SEO, web marketing, affiliate marketing. For your niche it could be different, it could be for example weight loss, weight training, etc. I recommend having at least 10 but enter everything that you can possibly think of that is related to your niche.
  • next step is to go back into your main screen. You will see at the top an option saying answer and once you click the answer button you will see a feed with all of the questions that relate to those categories that you’ve just entered. Find the questions that are suitable for you, the questions that you don’t want to answer you can just pass.
  • start typing the answer to qustion and according to Quora rules at the moment you are allowed to link back to your website

You will get a lot of views from people opening their emails as well as from notifications inside the Quora platform.

#2 Viral Traffic – Social Warfare Plugin

This is one of the things that has been working exceptionallly well for me.  People love sharing stuff on social media, anyone who visits your blog likes the article, can click one of the sharing buttons and share the article with their followers on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

If you’re currently not using any of the social sharing plugins then you most likely missing out on a lot of targeted traffic. The plug-in that I use on my website is called “Social Warfare”. There is a free plan that’s more than enough for most websites. If you need some extra features down the road there is a professional version. You simply need to download the plug-in and install it on your website with the free plan and you’ll be able to get this beautiful sharing buttons on your website. With a PRO plan you will be able to access some additional features, such as additional designs for the buttons and only displaying social counts once the shares has reached a certain minimum threshold.

#3 Answer The Public – Answerthepublic.com

Aswer the public is an website that will help you get free very targeted long tail search engine traffic. You will not get these keywords using any other keyword research tool. To find this website you just need to type in three words “answer the public” into Google and click the first result that comes up. The first result will be this website. It is a platform that allows you to collect real questions that people type into Google and convert them into longtail keywords that you can use to get free traffic to your websites or blogs.

If you will type in “how to lose weight” and click get questions, will take a moment or a few moments to collect the keywords for you, you wil get several hundred various longtail keywords. These are really unique because you will not be able to get these same questions or these same keywords anywhere else using any other tool. These are real keywords that people type into Google.

I’m hoping you’re seeing the potential of this tool. Is an amazing tool and you can get a lot of free traffic to your website or blog using it. This was the whole process for how you can use answer the public to get traffic.

#4 Building Your Email List

Building your email list is a very important free traffic source in the internet marketing business. You can drive all the traffic you want to your website but if you’re not capturing it into an email list. You’re not actually growing your customer base and your audience, you have now learned three various techniques just from this article for how you can get the traffic onto your website or blo,  that’s Quora social sharing and enter the public but once you implement these techniques or any other techniques 95% of the people who come to your website will leave without buying anything.  They will never come back to your website that’s why you really need to start building a list of those email subscribers.

Once you’ve got an email list then getting the traffic to your website is as sending an email to your subscribers. Most of the beginner websites that I see are not collecting email subscribers at all and that’s a huge mistake, so here are a few tips and strategies that you can implement today to start building your email subscriber list using these techniques personally.

I’ve been adding between 30 and 40 email subscribers every single day just from my campaign at a blogger website. The first place where you should be inserting an opt-in form is your home page.

You can use on your website to build your subscriber list thrive leads. I love that plug-in, i use it myself on all of my websites.

These are four of my favorite strategies that you can start using today to start getting more free traffic to your website or blog if you enjoyed this content and you’d like to get more similar blog posts in the future about getting traffic blogging and making money online, make sure that you comment below.

Other optional FREE buyer traffic that i use now is Commission HotShot  Formula. I offer great bonuses if you get this amazing tool via my website.


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