7 Websites To Make Money Online For FREE In 2020

make money online for free

In order for us to start the new year, I think I was recently I do some serious blog topics. Can I find 7 sites online where can you make money for free? It is true. In this blog post you can find 7 totally free sites where you can earn money without having to spend any money to earn it, without hidden subscription services, without hidden fees, nothing of the sort. It might even become a chain if you like it. But you know, the challenge does not end there.

7 Websites To Make Money Online For FREE

So, let’s start strongly, because this site is the first, it can be used internationally. Yes, this site makes money from people around the world. But to do this, you’ll need to know the secret method that i will show you.

#1 Redbubble

So, the first website is redbubble.com. What is Redbubble and how do you make money from it? Well, it is a site that allows you to make money by creating and selling customized products online.

It lets you do things like a t-shirt, phone covers, things like that. But how do you make it? Well, it’s simple. Once you create an account, which is completely free, you only need to enter your name and email address. You can start uploading artwork and designs to products in literally less than a minutem without the need for a credit card. You can choose the products you want to list and sell with your artwork on the internet. You can customize your products, choose colors, model, then describe your custom product and your title. And when a customer buys one of them, like a T-shirt, Redbubble is a production warehouse by printing your T-shirt design, puts the t-shirt in a bundle, then ship it to the customer automatically, without doing anything.

In this industry, we have a name for the service. They are called print-on-demand. As you can see, once you create and raise your designs to products, you have an absolutely inactive source of income. With Redbubble, they pay you a commission on every sold product, with standard commission rates of 20%. Because they pay you as commission, you will never pay any fees. So the sale is free. Now I can imagine some of you, there are two major objections you may have it now.

Well, but is it really free? Sure, I can make a T-shirt to sell but what about data traffic? Should I not pay to advertise my T-shirt? The answer is NO. Do you know how people come to eBay, they search for the products they want to buy. EBay has invested a lot of money in advertising at least. So it is very popular now.

People come here and buy products every day and most eBay sellers earn money only by people looking for their products. Redbubble is the same. Is a destination site. People come here looking for the products they want to buy. That is why most sellers on Redbubble earn money through the free data traffic that their lists get Via the search bar.

What if I’m not a graphic artist, you know? Look, this is a great picture on the phone’s cover. But I can’t draw it. You know, I can’t either. I can’t draw those jackets and I can’t draw this cool t-shirt, but here’s the thing. To earn money on Redbubble you don’t need to be an artist.

I have very few graphic design skills. I usually hire those who do the designs for me, but even I managed to repeat this design and he made a design very similar to it using the free app Canva, using types of fonts that are open source and licensed for commercial use and it took less than five minutes, because it’s literally just text.

Anyone can make this t-shirt, raise and sell it, this is the secret. If you do not possess graphic design skills and you want to make money focus on selling cute t-shirts because most of the time it adds simple text design humor and makes it more fun, than if it contained a more sophisticated design.

But how do I receive the money? Redbubble has two payment options. First, they can pay directly via PayPal or they can pay directly to the bank. Now, unfortunately, bank deposits are available only for a limited number of countries. However, there is an alternative solution, it is a Pioneer. With Pioneer, you can set up your own American bank account to receive money online for free.

#2 Skillshare

There are two ways to make money online for FREE in 2020 on this site. The first is the slow method, it is the clearest way to earn money from it. But, after this, I will tell you about an unknown way for many to make money from it faster and to earn much more money from the first way.

However, usually, people come on this website, they pay them $ 10 a month to access all of their video shares. So, for example, if you want to learn how a latte works, I could just write this in the search box and suddenly, i’ll see a bunch of free video quota to watch. Here is what most people do not know. This stake was made by someone I don’t know, because everyone is available it has a Skillshare share job and start earning money from them, me, you, anyone. On average, new teachers earn between 200 to 3,000 dollars in the first month, which is very cool, but this is not the best part.

The best part is that once you enter your classes, all the money you earn, is inactive. Remember, they earn that amount in the first month and with their first cycle. Imagine what happens when they make another course and then another course. The sum doubles. Once your share is published, you don’t have to do anything. People can earn over $ 100,000 annually with Skillshare. How to profit in Skillshare? For every minute you watch your videos, you win money. If you want to learn how to make pressed French coffee, i will watch a five-minute video then he will be paid for each of the five minutes.

#3 Udemy

Udemy is another website and it also allows you to sell your courses. Unlike Skillshare, a subscription service, here, people buy your courses individually. For this reason, earnings on Udemy tend to be higher. Teachinguide.com estimates about 40% of the stakes earned more than $ 5,000.

How do I make a share and then sell it? 

If we search about Photoshop, many people want to learn Photoshop. And guess, you can do it for free. Most educational videos mixture of speaking and slideshow talk and view screenshots for people editing inside Photoshop.

But anyway, let’s go to YouTube and write Photoshop lessons. You will get several educational lessons. And you know what you can do, popular topics and videos can be taken.

To recreate it yourself, these videos are then included on Skillshare and Udemy. You do not need to be a Photoshop expert.

#4 YouTube

You can make educational videos and share them on Youtube.

Therefore, if you do not have a skill Shooting and editing videos, the tutorials are a great way to start make money on YouTube. Of course, if you have the skill to shoot video, you may want to take a look at the Shutterstock. You can sell pictures and videos that you take as a pictorial. Will people buy this? Of course. I know people who make thousands of dollars inactive monthly from their wallets.

Profit is not by selling pictures, but by selling 4K videos. These commissions give higher rights. If Shutterstock appears as website you like to make money from him, i highly recommend focusing on 4K videos.

#5 Amazon Merch

Some people use Merch by Amazon as a secondary source of income. Some people use it to earn a full-time income. You can build t-shirts using the Amazon Merch by Amazon software.  They do marketing on your behalf, and they bring customers. And just like Redbubble, it is built on commission. So if you sell this t-shirt for $ 17.99, Amazon will deduct its fees to sell and produce this t-shirt, he pays $ 3.72 as commission. So you don’t have to pay for the cost of producing a T-shirt to sell. Amazon deducts it from the product price.

So how do you get your commissions? Well, Amazon pays them to a bank account, this includes a Pioneer account.

#6 Pfeiffer

Well, then the next site. It’s kind of a bit repetitive but, trust me, don’t go through it quickly, because I will tell you the secret who will enable you to earn money on it. Now if you don’t know what Pfeiffer is, it is a place for self-employed offer their services in the form of independent services that people can buy.

It is free to register and list the services to sell. If you are self-employed, this is a great site for making money. Usually, people hate Pfeiffer as a suggestion to make money for it very competitive, but this is because everyone is trying to do business like everyone such as blogging service offer.

So in order to achieve sales, you must have too many reviews to stand out.

#7 Textbroker

The way to work is to register on the site, and take a test writing sample. Based on that, you are assigned a level. Most of those i know have good grades in an English class they get a 4-star rating right away, this gives you 1.4 cents per word. Once customized, you can log in for the requests portal, choose an order and write an article.

If you have any other sites to add to this list, be sure to write it in the comments section.


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